An Invitation

Steps are currently being taken to extend the invitation list to the Greater Manchester Prayer Breakfast. These prayer breakfasts enjoy the welcome support of the main churches and the Christian leadership in the Region including the Bishop of Manchester and the Bishop of Salford

To ensure all those who wish to attend are informed of these events,individual churches and associations,together with various professional,commercial,academic and statutory bodies, are being asked to put forward names of those who might wish to receive invitations

During the next year it is anticipated that the Prayer Breakfast will grow and your prayers are asked for this venture which is an important public witness to our Christian faith.

The Annual Lord Mayor's Prayer Breakfast

Every year there is the Lord Mayor's Prayer Breakfast,usually in the presence of the Lord Lieutenant of the County and the High Sheriff of Manchester.Members of Parliament,civic leaders and representatives of industry,commerce and the professions, public offices, education and church leaders come together as one. Lawyers, doctors, architects,representatives of broadcasting companies and the press come together with magistrates, representatives of local charities and leading figures in the universities and also in sport, to pray